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As our Fleet Performance Specialist, Matt helps our clients understand and derive maximum value from our systems. He has two decades of experience in maritime technology and operations, serving ten years at sea on private yachts, commercial vessels and drilling rigs, and and ten years ashore.

Matt proudly served as a Search and Rescue Mission Controller for HM Coastguard where he planned and executed life saving missions at sea, and has also operated research and support vessels in Antarctica for the British Antarctic Survey. He is an associate member of IMarEST, holds a Bsc. in Sustainable Maritime Operations and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

The Curious Case of the Missing Ship

The Curious Case of the Missing Ship

Many ports are getting smarter, but ships are not yet fully-integrated into most smart port collaboration platforms.  Matt Kenney takes a look at why, and asks what shipping can do to bridge the divide.

Earlier this year I attended a port innovation symposium where an international group of port and technology thought leaders discussed current and future trends in digital port operations.

I listened to speakers describe port collaboration systems, port community systems, terminal operating systems, and the transposition of data into new, more secure formats like blockchain. All of these technologies are convening, if not yet conspiring, to deliver solutions for the lean, digitally-enabled maritime supply chain of tomorrow. Although opinions differed on methods and timescales, the speakers did agree on the notion that we are amidst a tectonic shift in port value chains. Enabled by Industry 4.0, this shift will bring new efficiencies to the quayside, hailing a fundamental change in attitude towards intermodal port supply chain partners.

However, as the discussions began to conclude, I sensed something was amiss. Indeed, I felt there was an elephant in the room: a top-level, international collective of thought leaders from the cutting edge of port technology and innovation, had astonishingly, failed to mention one word: ‘Ship’!

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Should seafarers learn to code?

Should shipowners build or buy new tech?

Should shipowners build or buy new tech?

With the shipping industry now fully recognising that a digital revolution has been steadily snowballing behind it’s back, carriers are facing the crucial decision whether to build or buy their next generation digital solutions.  Surprisingly, a significant minority are opting to go it alone and build in-house – choosing to trailblaze through the undergrowth, rather than tread the paths laid out by the digital revolutionaries. But are their use cases so unique, that self-building is the only way to tackle the emerging industrial landscape of the future, and is the amount of time, energy, and budget worth the potential competitive upside? Read more